Data breach

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Massive penalties for data breaches

South Africa's Information Regulator must, as a matter of urgency, enforce stricter security measures to prevent data breaches. Companies are in for a rough ride and the consequences for data breaches are severe.

How to protect yourself from data breaches

Think defensively about your online accounts and data security – and don't assume you'll avoid harm.

Increasing cyber threats against South African businesses

Each year cyber security attacks become bigger, more severe, and more costly to recover from, but their occurrence is one which most South African organisations are worryingly unprepared for.

Importance of data science governance

A lack of data science governance can derail any efforts and investments around Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation as they primarily dependent on mature data strategies.

The downside of using a single account to log in to other services

There is always a tension between usability and security. People want systems to be secure so that their identities aren’t stolen, but they want those same systems to be easily accessible.

How to check if your Facebook account was part of the recent hack

This is how you can check and verify whether or not your Facebook account was hacked.

"All clients information may have been exposed" - Hetzner South Africa

What we know so far about Hetzner South Africa's second security breach exposing customer data in less than a year.