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Ferdie Pieterse, CEO at Experian South Africa, answers questions on data breach

Ferdie Pieterse, CEO at Experian South Africa, answers iAfrikan's questions on the data breach the company suffered. Pieterse confirms they didn't detect that the person was impersonating a customer and they sent them the database.

Experian has experienced an alleged data breach affecting millions

The South African subsidiary of Experian, an Irish-domiciled global consumer credit reporting company, has suffered a data breach which it is reported potentially exposes the personal data of 24 million South Africans.

South Africa's Momentum Metropolitan has been hacked

Momentum Metropolitan, a South African financial services company, has stated that it suffered a cyberattack on 13 August 2020. According to the company, only a "portion of data" from one of its subsidiaries was accessed.

We say we care about our data but our actions don't match

The global IoT network is a collection of all the interconnected devices that can communicate online. This includes smart devices, appliances and wearable tech.

Understanding South Africa's cyber laws

You can also listen to the podcast on: Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Youโ€™ll often hear it being mentioned that South Africa has one of the best constitutions in the world. We could even go further and argue that this excellence in legal matters also extends into the countryโ€™

South Africa's Life Healthcare Group hacked

Life Healthcare Group, a private healthcare company that operates private hospitals in South Africa and Botswana, has suffered an attack on its IT systems which forced it to take them offline. Investigations are ongoing to determine the damage and extent of the data breach.

GoDaddy confirmed it was hacked and the data of 28,000 customers was breached

GoDaddy has disclosed that on 19 October 2019 its systems were accessed by hackers who managed to breach the data of 28,000 customers. The company says it only discovered this data breach on 23 April 2020.