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Lessons learned while building a tech startup

Some lessons learned through the journey of building a technology startup in Kenya, and other parts of Africa. Hopefully you will relate with some of these lessons in your business, or even in life.

The problem of software piracy in Kenya

Why do Kenyans love pirated software as opposed to genuine software which guarantees more security and support? Pirated software is cheap, easily accessible, and it is socially acceptable to use stolen software.

Cloud computing key for Africa’s development

Cloud computing – the delivery of sophisticated information technology capabilities over the Internet – could play a crucial role in both innovation and efficiency across Africa.

Kenya secures $173 million from Huawei for data center

Kenya secures $173 million from Huawei for the development of the Konza Data Centre and Smart City Facilities Project at Konza Technology City outside Nairobi.

Availability of Microsoft Azure expanded across Africa

Liquid Telecom has announced availability of Microsoft Azure across its pan-African network further increasing access to its cloud services.

How businesses can take a stake in the subscription economy

Remember the days when you owned records, DVDs, cars, property? For many today in their personal lives, real ownership is such a distant concept it’s almost viewed with a sense of nostalgia.

We need to build out Afrika’s second-last mile cloud infrastructure

Afrika, in general, needs stable, high availability platforms that can scale.