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How technology companies are being disrupted

ICT companies are, ironically, among the most affected by digital disruption.

Amazon to open data centers in South Africa

AWS data centers to be opened in South Africa.

"All clients information may have been exposed" - Hetzner South Africa

What we know so far about Hetzner South Africa's second security breach exposing customer data in less than a year.

Kenya's Truehost Cloud launches in Nigeria

Truehost Cloud, a cloud computing startup with roots in Kenya, has launched operations in Nigeria.

Rising seas are threatening undersea Internet cables

Comparing the locations of key Internet data centers and cable routes with maps of expected sea-level rise suggests it's time to shore up Internet connections in the face of a changing climate.

Lost in the cloud

Cloud has been punted as the panacea to virtually every digital transformation challenge, and it’s not uncommon for businesses to buy into this hype. Promises of cost reduction, improved productivity and automatic efficiency are attractive, adding to cloud’s appeal. While it’s true that the cloud certainly can

The reason why Afrika needs an Afrikan cloud

For organizations in Afrika to truly reap the benefits of cloud and shared data center services, local data centers need to be developed and deployed. This will not only address the issue around data sovereignty, but also stimulate local economic development and improve the lives of citizens using by widely