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Availability of Microsoft Azure expanded across Africa

Liquid Telecom has announced availability of Microsoft Azure across its pan-African network further increasing access to its cloud services.

How businesses can take a stake in the subscription economy

Remember the days when you owned records, DVDs, cars, property? For many today in their personal lives, real ownership is such a distant concept it’s almost viewed with a sense of nostalgia.

We need to build out Afrika’s second-last mile cloud infrastructure

Afrika, in general, needs stable, high availability platforms that can scale.

How technology companies are being disrupted

ICT companies are, ironically, among the most affected by digital disruption.

Amazon to open data centers in South Africa

AWS data centers to be opened in South Africa.

"All clients information may have been exposed" - Hetzner South Africa

What we know so far about Hetzner South Africa's second security breach exposing customer data in less than a year.

Kenya's Truehost Cloud launches in Nigeria

Truehost Cloud, a cloud computing startup with roots in Kenya, has launched operations in Nigeria.