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FaceApp highlights a perennial problem

FaceApp highlights a perennial problem among users on the Internet, that they hardly read the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. It is worth taking time out to read what an app is all about before you use it.

From fake news to deepfakes

In what seems to make fake news look like child's play, we now have deepfakes. This is a technology that allows one to make a video (or photo) of anyone, saying or doing anything.

Detecting deepfakes

Most deepfakes are made by showing a computer algorithm many images of a person, and then having it use what it saw to generate new face images. Researchers can now identify the manipulation of a video by looking closely at the pixels of specific frames.

How to detect a deepfake video

A new form of misinformation is poised to spread through online communities as the 2018 midterm election campaigns heat up. Called “deepfakes” after the pseudonymous online account that popularized the technique – which may have chosen its name because the process uses a technical method called “deep learning” – these fake videos

ArtificiaI Intelligence can now create fake porn

In January this year, a new app was released that gives users the ability to swap out faces in a video with a different face obtained from another photo or video – similar to Snapchat’s “face swap” feature. It’s an everyday version of the kind of high-tech computer-generated imagery