Democratic Republic of Congo

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License suspension of Vodacom Congo

After appealing the suspension of its 2G license, a court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has upheld Vodacom Congo's license suspension as ordered by the country's telecommunications ministry. The company now has 3 months to negotiate a new license before it goes for tender.

Vodacom appeals license withdrawal

Vodacom Congo has appealed to the country's top court to reverse the directive requiring it to renew and pay for a 2G license. This comes after a directive issued by the DRC's government in April 2019 saying that there was an irregular extension granted during 2015.

Dangote Cement keeping an eye on staff

Dangote Cement will be using an iris based technology system to keep an eye on approximately 30,000 staff across 5 countries. The biometric system will also be linked to its payment system to ensure staff is compensated accordingly based on their attendance.

Blockchain could reduce modern slavery

Blockchain technology can help break the chains of modern slavery, however, it is not a complete solution.

Gorillas pose for selfies with anti-poaching park rangers

Anti-poaching park rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo take selfies with female gorillas.

The West's unconscious bias against tech in Afrika

The West has an unconscious bias against technology in Afrika.

The Democratic Republic of Congo's Internet shutdown

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) authorities shut down the Internet and other telecommunications services on 31 December 2018 in a bid to stop what they termed “rumor mongering."