Democratic Republic of Congo

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Miko Rwayitare - the man who built Africa's first-ever mobile network

Long before mobile phones were popular in Africa, and even in Western countries such as the USA, Zaire (present day Democratic Republic of Congo) already had a reported 3,000 mobile phone subscribers on the first ever mobile network in Africa.

How the high cost of Internet access can be reduced across Africa

African countries are among the lowest with regards to Internet speeds but they have the most expensive telecommunications and Internet costs.

New Internet Exchange Point launched in Lubumbashi

A new Internet Exchange Point (IXP) has been launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Located in Lubumbashi, it is expected that the new IXP will provide faster and more reliable Internet access to people of the DRC.

Africa has the potential to be a producer of digital technology

Africa is generally plagued by many problems, key among them being poverty. However, the continent has great potential. Here are a few key factors that hold the promise of a better future for Africa.

Start your startup in Kinshasa

Given how much money startups have raised so far in 2019, it appears to be the perfect time to launch a startup in Africa. You should consider starting your startup in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Celebrating Africa’s digital potential

The next wave of global digital innovations and apps will likely come from Africa and be taken to the rest of the world. Africa’s young population could be its greatest asset in an age where many other regions in the world are aging.

License suspension of Vodacom Congo

After appealing the suspension of its 2G license, a court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has upheld Vodacom Congo's license suspension as ordered by the country's telecommunications ministry. The company now has 3 months to negotiate a new license before it goes for tender.