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Social media platforms need to be redesigned in a way that reduces FoMO

New research has identified the main triggers of the social media psychological phenomenon known as "FoMO" (Fear of missing out), the contexts in which it happens and the types of fears involved in it.

Hackathon to fight fake news in Kenya

Andela will be hosting a "Fighting Fake News" Hackathon in Nairobi on 9 and 10 November 2018.

The future of design

How technology is helping designers, architects, engineers, visual artists, students and makers to create everything from buildings and bridges to cars and other physical products to movies and video games.

These designers used data to create fashionable outfits

Three leading fashion designers from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa were brought together by Siemens to create 12 outfits from data extracted from the cities of Nairobi, Lagos, and Johannesburg. The fashionable outfits which were designed by John Kaveke from Kenya, Zizi Cardow from Nigeria, and Palesa Mokubung from South

5 ways natural nanotechnology could inspire human design

Though nanotechnology is portrayed as a fairly recent human invention, nature is actually full of nanoscopic architectures. They underpin the essential functions of a variety of life forms, from bacteria to berries, wasps to whales. In fact, tactful use of the principles of nanoscience can be traced to natural structures

Understanding online commenting culture

Do you call that a haircut? I hope you didn’t pay for it. Oh please this is rubbish, you’re a disgrace to yourself and your profession. These are just two examples of comments that have followed articles I have written in my career. While they may seem benign

While total security is a myth, good security is not

Information security breaches seem to be prevalent lately in technology news being reported on the internet. Total protection from information security breaches is not possible because unethical hackers with enough resources, money, time and motivation can hack into almost any system. This being the reason why most countries are starting