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Trump is wrong on Chinese exports

When you crack open an Apple iPhone. you’ll begin to see why US President Donald Trump and his ongoing trade war with China doesn’t make sense. The components of an iPhone add up to a different cost than the phone itself.

Donald Trump lifts Huawei ban

US President Donald Trump has said that Huawei can now resume trading with American companies. Trump announced this during a news conference at the Group of 20 meeting in Japan.

Google News favors mainstream media

Google News does not differentiate search results according to users' politics – but it does favor mainstream news sites.

This is what happens when you Google the word "idiot"

In a confusing week as far as politics in the USA are concerned, it turns out when you search for the word "idiot" on Google, images of US President, Donald Trump, are returned as search results. Even more interesting is that the results are different when you search