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Drones being used in Kenya and Rwanda to enforce COVID-19 lockdown

Rwanda and Kenya are using drones to assist police to help catch people who are violating COVID-19 lockdown regulations. This comes after some people have found routes where police don't set up roadblocks.

Drones are being used in Ghana in the fight against COVID-19

Ghana has enlisted the services of Silicon Valley drone company, Zipline, in its fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Zipline first started working with the government of Ghana in 2019 for the delivery of medical supplies.

Motorcycles more cost-effective for medical deliveries than drones

Researchers have compared delivery of medical lab samples using drones or motorcycles. Their discovery has been that drones are not as cost-effective as using motorcycles for medical deliveries in most cases.

The darker side of drones and Artificial Intelligence

A lack of legislation could leave African countries vulnerable to data abuse when it comes to the use of drones and Artificial Intelligence for development purposes. As such, researchers are being urged to consider ethical implications of AI tools before their deployment.

Cargo drones are set to transform the transport and logistics sector

While there may be concerns that the effect of cargo drones could be adverse, experts remain optimistic as startup disruptions, major technological advancements and figures suggest a positive state-of-affairs.

Madagascar is using drones for medical deliveries

A pilot project in Madagascar uses drones to help with the fight against tuberculosis. The drones are used to collect samples and deliver medical supplies to remote villages.

Network of drone testing corridors extended

Sierra Leone and Namibia become part of a global network of drone testing corridors for humanitarian projects.