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Fighting malaria using drones in Malawi

The drone makes a conspicuous racket as it lifts off on a mission to capture images of the reservoir below. The sight and sound of this strange device stirs interest among locals as they make their way to and from the town of Kasungu in central Malawi. It takes a

Drones and agriculture

The African Union along with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), have published a report that looks at drone usage in agriculture in Afrika. Titled "Drones on the horizon: Transforming Africa's agriculture", the report provides contextualized review of drones as a vital precision agriculture-enabling technology and

From drone swarms to tree batteries

Understanding Earth’s species and ecosystems is a monumentally challenging scientific pursuit. But with the planet in the grip of its sixth mass extinction event, it has never been a more pressing priority. To unlock nature’s secrets, ecologists turn to a variety of scientific instruments and tools. Sometimes we

Malawi's MamaBird is going to train women to use drones for medical and baby supplies deliveries

MamaBird, a technology startup in Malawi, is using drones to deliver medical and baby supplies by drones in the southern Afrikan country. Recently, during April 2018, the startup also announced that it will teach women in Malawi how to use the drones for medical and baby supplies. The startup was

Fear the rise of drone assassins

A new short film from the Campaign Against Killer Robots warns of a future where weaponised flying drones target and assassinate certain members of the public, using facial recognition technology to identify them. Is this a realistic threat that could rightly spur an effective ban on the technology? Or is

Be careful not to automate the fun out of life

Imagine you are about to go on vacation. You have been looking forward to it for some time. But your robotic personal assistant has other ideas. It calmly explains to you that it will be cheaper, safer and more efficient for it to take your place on the holiday trip.

Rwanda is set to draft and adopt performance-based drone regulations

Rwanda's government has partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to draft and adopt performance-based drone regulation for the East Afrikan country. This will, once again, see Rwanda continue to be a pioneer in the commercial use of drones not only in Afrika but across the world. Once finalized, the