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A look back at 10 years of digital disruption in Kenya

A look at a number of industries that have faced this disruption in Kenya. It is important to also state that the biggest enabler of this digital disruption is the smartphone.

The true size of Africa's e-commerce market

Even though e-commerce may not be thriving in many parts in Africa, it does not mean that people are not purchasing. We need to design e-commerce platforms that accommodate people who are not tech-savvy and are rarely online.

Optimism about Africa's startup landscape

Most parts of the continent are still offline. Many still don’t have access to clean energy or even running water. However, there is good reason to be positive as many opportunities still exist that startups can capture and provide solutions for.

Growth of African rural e-commerce

The rise and growth of e-commerce in the world and primarily in Africa has created a lot of business opportunities. The trend is in the direction of developing logistics meant to tear down barriers for e-commerce penetration in rural markets.

Marketplaces are the key to unlocking Africa's digital revolution

Online marketplaces could be the key to unlocking Africa's digital revolution.

Afrikan startup funding reports have an iceberg problem

Afrikan tech startup funding reports present an unbalanced view of startups and the sectors they operate in.

Policy responses to the digital economy that Afrikan states need to adopt

The rise of digital platforms and e-commerce will reshape the retail sector and in turn have deep implications for developing countries’ industrialization processes.