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Marketplaces are the key to unlocking Africa's digital revolution

Online marketplaces could be the key to unlocking Africa's digital revolution.

Afrikan startup funding reports have an iceberg problem

Afrikan tech startup funding reports present an unbalanced view of startups and the sectors they operate in.

Policy responses to the digital economy that Afrikan states need to adopt

The rise of digital platforms and e-commerce will reshape the retail sector and in turn have deep implications for developing countries’ industrialization processes.

Jack Ma set to retire in 2019, names Daniel Zhang as his successor

Jack Ma announces that Daniel Zhang will succeed him in 2019 as Chairman. Ma will stay on the Board of Directors until 2020.

Jack Ma is not retiring

Despite a report by the New York Times, Alibaba Group has said that Jack Ma will not be retiring from the company but rather, he will be announcing succession plans.

Jack Ma to retire from Alibaba on his 54th birthday

Jack Ma announced he will retire from his roles at the Alibaba Group on his 54th birthday, 10 September 2018.

Alibaba launched an e-commerce training program in Rwanda

Alibaba Business School has launched its “Global E-commerce Talent” (GET) program in Rwanda. The program is targeted at the East Afrikan country’s university lecturers. Titled the “Global E-commerce Talent – Train the Trainers” program, the e-commerce course, which takes a week to complete, covered topics from the digital economy and