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Internet price increases in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's mobile networks have decided to increase their Internet data pricing, leaving customers angry.

Total Internet shutdown in Zimbabwe following #ShutdownZimbabwe protests

Zimbabwe's telecommunications companies ordered to completely shut down services or face imprisonment by government.

Zimbabwe has a new ride-hailing service

New ride-hailing service in Zimbabwe, Vaya, will first be available in Harare.

NBA Africa Game 2018 will be free to watch on the Kwesé iflix app

The NBA Africa Game 2018 will be free to view across Afrika through the Kwesé iflix mobile app. This will be the NBA’s 3rd game in Afrika. Kwesé iflix is a digital entertainment platform formed through a joint venture between Econet Media and iflix. “With the rapidly increasing dominance

Fibre network connecting Afrika from Cape Town to Cairo

Afrika will soon have its first fibre network that connects the continent from Cape Town to Cairo via Sudan. Known as the "One Africa" network, it will come as a result of Liquid Telecom, a pan-Afrikan telecommunications company, signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Telecom Egypt that will

EcoCash is now up and running in Zimbabwe after 2 day outage

After a two day outage, Zimbabwe's leading and most dominant (by market share) mobile money provider, EcoCash, is back up and running after bringing most of the Southern Afrikan country's economy to almost a standstill. On 3 July 2018, many EcoCash Zimbabwe customers took to social media to express frustration

Zimbabwe Watch - Data privacy concerns and Econet growth

Data privacy advocates in Zimbabwe have sounded the alarm over the country’s awarding of a contract to build a face recognition technology platform for the state to a private Chinese company. They have indicated that this may compromise facial data privacy and safety for millions of Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is