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Mohamed Salah partners with Vodafone and UNHCR as their first Instant Network Schools ambassador

Mohamed Salah is the first Ambassador for Instant Network Schools – which connects refugee and host country students to a quality digital education – as the program prepares to expand into his home country of Egypt for the first time.

The connection between Shaka Zulu, decolonization and mathematical models

Decolonising mathematical sciences is possible. The answer lies in rediscovering existing African examples of teaching maths and including them in the Western body of knowledge.

How the Government of Kenya is developing technology talent

One of the more successful projects and initiatives by the Government of Kenya is Digitalent. To date (since 2015), the program aims to train 400 young Kenyans every year in the fields of ICT and engineering.

Professor Calestous Juma's impact on Africa's science and technology fields

Professor Calestous Juma's science and technology contributions were not only academic. He helped engineer, among others, a cooking stove whose improved efficiency minimized the adverse health effects of indoor smoke.

All children must learn to code

Coding is no longer the preserve of computer scientists. Every profession in some way needs it. Like other subjects, it is always better introduced at an early age.

Kenya is failing to integrate technology into secondary schools

Integrating technology into schools involves understanding the dynamic relationship between technology, how it's used in the classroom and the content of the curriculum.

The top 50 websites that Kenyans most visited

While the list of the top most visited websites in Kenya keeps changing from time to time, it is an important indicator of what Kenyans are doing online.