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Didier Drogba's digital literacy initiative

Didier Drogba has signed an agreement that sees a digital literacy program launched to educate 10 million Africans on issues such as health, citizenship, and financial inclusion using digital literacy programs.

Social media shutdown in Somalia

Somalia has shut down social media. According to the government, this is to stop students from cheating during school exams.

Electronic education lifting communities

Technology education is another key factor that will most certainly shape Africa’s future.

Adapting education for the digital age

E-learning can serve as equaliser and boost diversity.

How digital technology is making the world a better place

Technology has advanced at blistering speed over the last decade, and it's impacting every single aspect of our lives.

Technology isn’t always a route to progress

A cloud of questions hangs over the promise of technology.

South Africa to amend outdated copyright law

South Africa's copyright law must not continue ignoring the principles of fair use.