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There is an urgent need for customized blended learning in South Africa

Due to restricted resources and infrastructure, few schools across Africa have been able to adopt online learning as a result of the lockdown.

The digital divide is widening across Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic

Education experts in Africa agree that the digital divide is further widened by inequality between the rich and poor, the rural and urban, women and men. It is also widening further during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andela has laid off approximately 10% of its total staff complement

Andela has announced that it has laid off approximately 10% of its staff complement. According to Andela, the 135 employees who were laid off are non-software engineering staff.

The attempt to take learning online in Kenya has proved difficult

There has been a need to innovate around e-learning in Kenya. From universities to kindergartens, there are various ways that are being used to improvise to keep the learning going.

South Africaโ€™s declining maths performance is worrying

Performance in mathematics matters for university entrance. Without it, school leavers are not eligible for many programmes.

Privacy of children is potentially at risk with as we shift to online learning

Children in our schools are the latest at risk in a brave new age of surveillance and data control that is being catalyzed by hasty educational technology decisions under COVID-19.

Addressing South Africa's digital inequalities in e-learning

Many South African schools donโ€™t have computer labs or other digital technology. COVID-19 has shown that technology is no longer a luxury but an important component of the education process. In presenting solutions, a wide range of factors must be considered.