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Exxaro targets digital transformation of women

South African mineral resources company, Exxaro, has partnered with Ebonoko Foundation, Rebone Investment Holdings and Social Coding SA to expand the number of South African women who benefit from the digital transformation currently taking place in the world and South Africa.

Coding in South African schools

In the near future, the ability to code will be as essential as knowing how to read, write and count. As such, South Africa is training a group of teachers to learn how to code and how to teach coding.

How data science in and for Africa can blaze new trails

Data science, led by Africa-based scientists, could play a key role in addressing all of these needs. That’s not to say collaborations with overseas partners should be discarded. These bring complementary expertise and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Preparing youth for the future of work

Corporate South Africa will need to be on top of its game to ensure that the youth are equipped with the required skills to fill these new positions that will be made available thanks to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Addressing Africa's challenges using data science

Kenya's Strathmore University Business School and Jean Golding Institute for Data Science-University of Bristol have signed a partnership agreement to enhance data science education. The partnership will also include the exchange of ideas and set goals within various sectors.

Triggerfish launches online academy

Triggerfish, in partnership with Goethe-Institut and The German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation, has launched a free digital learning platform for anyone wanting to understand more about the career opportunities and how to get started in the field of animation.

Detecting deepfakes

Most deepfakes are made by showing a computer algorithm many images of a person, and then having it use what it saw to generate new face images. Researchers can now identify the manipulation of a video by looking closely at the pixels of specific frames.