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Andela lays-off hundreds of junior developers

Andela is laying off hundreds of junior developers. This can definitely not be attributed to a lack of funds but possibly overestimating the demand for junior developers or the quality of developers.

Using WhatsApp to encourage reading

FunDza has announced their partnership with to make their reading content available through WhatsApp. Anyone will be able to access South African stories, plays, blogs, poems and more via WhatsApp.

West African states science and technology plan is going nowhere

Rolling out comprehensive universal education to secondary level across all vocational training centres in West Africa could ignite and promote innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

African universities must teach scientists entrepreneurship

African universities need to teach their budding scientists about entrepreneurship. They can design courses to help bridge the gap between pure science and commercial research and development.

Google to teach South African learners computer science fundamentals

Google has announced the launch of its CS First programme in South Africa. It is a programme aimed at equipping 30,000 South African learners with the fundamentals of computer science.

Kenya’s primary school laptops project failed

Kenya once had a project to give each primary school pupil a laptop. Six years after the project was announced and three years after the implementation was started, the project was silently retired.

Exxaro targets digital transformation of women

South African mineral resources company, Exxaro, has partnered with Ebonoko Foundation, Rebone Investment Holdings and Social Coding SA to expand the number of South African women who benefit from the digital transformation currently taking place in the world and South Africa.