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Alexandria concludes a 3-month pilot of using an electric bus for public transport

Electric bus pilot concluded in Egypt.

Electric cars could help cut air pollution in most Afrikan cities

Afrika need to boost the use of electric cars to help the continent address transportation-induced air pollution.

Tesla stock up in smoke

Tesla stock drops by 11% in one week as senior executives resign and Elon Musk smokes weed during an interview.

Thanks to cobalt, electric cars and smartphones are sparking a new form of gold rush

What’s in your stuff? Most of us give no thought to the materials that make modern life possible. Yet technologies such as smart phones, electric vehicles, large screen TVs and green energy generation depend on a range of chemical elements that most people have never heard of. Until the

Developing cobalt-free batteries

A New York-based startup, Conamix, has finalized $2 million in a Series A funding round to continue with developing batteries that do not require cobalt. The Series A funding is said to be a part of an $8 million funding comittment from Volta Energy Technologies and other companies. Conamix is

Alexandria to become the first city to use electric buses in Egypt

Egypt's Passengers Transportation Authority has signed a deal with Chinese automobile manufacturer, BYD, which will see the city of Alexandria be the first in the North Afrikan country to have 15 electric buses. These will be part of the city's public transport fleet. As part of the agreement, 18 electricity

The Democratic Republic of Congo will double taxes on cobalt mining soon

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will soon be doubling taxes on cobalt mining. The DRC government hopes that the increased taxes on cobalt and other minerals will help it collect sufficient revenues to pay public servants and fund the country's social projects. The DRC holds over 60% of the