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Challenges of providing electricity to rural parts of Kenya

Rural electrification was hailed as a game-changer in improving the livelihoods of people in rural areas of Kenya. It didn't go as planned because for people to use electricity, there needs to be some form of economic empowerment.

Is there a quick way to increase electricity demand in Kenya?

Some companies have opted to relocate from Kenya and to places like Ethiopia where the cost of electricity is cheaper. This calls for Kenya to find a way of making electricity more affordable in order to remain competitive.

Sun Exchange, a South African blockchain-based renewable energy startup, has raised $3M

South Africa's Sun Exchange, a renewable energy startup, has concluded a $4 million Series A funding round with $3 million coming from Patrice Motsepe founded African Rainbow Capital, via ARCH Emerging Markets Partners.

South Africa's energy crisis needs ideas that also address the problems facing Eskom

The deluge of opinions and proposed solutions to South Africa's energy crisis reflects corporate and political interests.

Rolling out of national electricity grids has stalled across Africa

Power cuts continued to plague some African countries. There has been no progress in expanding national electricity grids in most African countries since 2016.

Nigeria's energy crisis doesn't seem to be getting solved

Nigeria must invest more in solar panels to generate electricity, there has been some development, including the completion of two hydroelectric power projects. However, overall, it's remained slow.

Identifying the most economic energy technologies across Africa

When it comes to clean energy, research shows that wind energy systems are only economically favourable in the horn of Africa — Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia — because of the high average wind speed in this region of Africa.