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Breaking the gaming console duopoly

Can this planned new gaming console break the duopoly of Sony and Microsoft?

Microsoft and Sony in gaming agreement

Sony and Microsoft are set to collaborate on new cloud-based solutions for gaming experiences and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Possible South African Internet porn ban

The South African Law Reform Commission has put forward a proposal for an Internet porn ban stating that it was in the interests of children's safety.

Artists not benefiting from digital music

The political economy of music distribution goes unchecked. Despite increased digital revenues, also across Africa, music markets remain characterised by bottlenecks between musicians and audiences.

Spotify now has 100 million paying users

Spotify has reported it now has 100 million premium subscribers.

How Avengers Endgame uses time travel

Plenty of movies have tried to play with time travel to help develop their plot, but Avengers Endgame adds a little quantum mechanics into the mix as well.

Google's cool Avengers Endgame Thanos search trick

This Avengers Endgame Google search trick is pretty cool.