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Using Artificial Intelligence to catch wildlife poachers in almost real-time

Poaching of wildlife is a big problem globally and especially in Afrika. This can be witnessed in the recently released statistics on Rhino deaths as a result of poaching by South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs. However, although the number of rhinos poached is alarmingly high compared to several years

Western science is finally catching up to indigenous traditional knowledge

Our knowledge of what the denizens of the animal kingdom are up to, especially when humans aren’t around, has steadily increased over the last 50 years. For example, we know now that animals use tools in their daily lives. Chimps use twigs to fish for termites; sea otters break

Evidence suggests lizards have been running on two feet for 110 million years

Fossil bones and skeletons tend to get most of the attention in palaeontology, but sometimes we can learn more about extinct life from the footprints long-extinct animals left behind. That’s the case in new research that claims to have found 110m-year-old trackways of lizards running on two feet (bipedally)

Recycling of used electronic devices could provide sustainable jobs in Afrika

Afrika needs to do more to address the dumping of hazardous waste, especially from the developed world, into the continent, a meeting has heard. Participants at the 2nd Conference of Parties (COP-2) to the Bamako Convention agreed in Cote d’Ivoire last week (30 January to 1 February) that the