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Failed coup leads to Internet shutdown

After shutting down the Internet a few weeks ago during national high school exams, Ethiopia's authorities have now shut the Internet down after what is reported to be a failed coup attempt. The coup attempt saw the Chief of Staff of the army killed.

Africa needs effective technology policies

Technology and innovation have been the backbone of African economic success over the last two decades but Internet and Internet-related penetration remained limited. As such,

Total Internet shutdown in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's government has shutdown the Internet in the country. So far no official statement has been given by authorities but given previous occurrences around the same time of the year, it is likely because they want to prevent cheating during exams.

Dangote Cement keeping an eye on staff

Dangote Cement will be using an iris based technology system to keep an eye on approximately 30,000 staff across 5 countries. The biometric system will also be linked to its payment system to ensure staff is compensated accordingly based on their attendance.

Flight data suggests that software system caused Ethiopian Airlines crash

An analysis of flight data shows that problems began at a point when the pilot would normally have engaged the autopilot software system.

Ethiopia to launch its first-ever satellite in 2019

Ethiopia to launch its first-ever satellite in 2019.

This app helps with collecting genetic data in Ethiopia and Ghana

The MiGene Family History App was designed jointly by teams at the University of Michigan and St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa.