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Fake accounts targeted African elections

An Israeli company, Archimedes Group, ran fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram to try and influence elections in some African countries.

Protect yourself from these incidents

Two security scares in the past 24 hours should prompt you to make sure your software is up-to-date. But what are the risks?

WhatsApp hacked, update now

You should probably update your WhatsApp as a new vulnerability has been discovered that allows attackers to install malicious software remotely.

South Africa's Free State gets free Wi-Fi

The question sometimes arises: who should be responsible for providing Internet access to citizens, should it be private companies, the state, or a partnership between both?

How digital platforms can trick us

Uber's IPO will value the company at more than $80 billion, yet the data it collects on its users may be worth even more – and creates the potential for dangerous manipulation.

Influencers will love Instagram’s new tool

Instagram announced a new shopping tool recently, it will first be tested with a small group of influencers.

The new digital divide

Technology experts have long worried about a 'digital divide' between those who could use computers and those who could not. Artificial intelligence algorithms are widening the gulf.