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The currency of likes, retweets, and followers

With the commercial value and relevance that is attached to impressions, some people will do what it takes to get the followers and be influential, or at least appear influential.

China launching its own cryptocurrency could be the start of a global revolution

While technological change has been incredibly fast in the information era, the system of international payments has lagged behind. But once sovereign digital currencies start taking off, this will suddenly change.

You are being coerced into giving up your personal data

Sure, you can reject an app or platform’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Terms & Conditions, However, what other app or platform can you replace it with that has terms that are more suitable?

Tech policies will determine a big part of Africa's future trajectory

The biggest indicator of how our countries and cities will look is, most probably, policies we are putting in place today to govern digital technology and not necessarily the technology itself.

Welcome to the People's Republic of Facebook

Despite Libra currently being on shaky ground after several partners pulled out, Facebook remains on course to become a virtual nation state given not only Libra as a currency, but the company's pursuit to develop an open standard for digital IDs.

Digital crack

Just like drugs or their pharmaceutical equivalents, apps sometimes first start as being useful but given how they are designed, they often times end up creating a dependency or addiction.

Libra is not dead...yet

Major players in global electronic payments are shying away from Libra, spooked by the scrutiny Facebook’s operations are attracting from regulators around the world.