Fake News

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We have entered uncharted territory

It was always going to end up like this, with the web becoming slowly a replacement (in some cases) for the real physical world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between what is real or not. Welcome to the post-truth world.

How Kenyans are getting conned by fake Internet ads

With more and more people gaining access to the Internet, more people are also using the Internet to scam others. In Kenya, there is a rise of fake online ads that con people out of their money.

Fake news poses a threat to human health

Effects of fake news on the health industry trends could be countered by better communications training for researchers and health professionals, especially in poorer countries.

When it comes to fake videos and images, it's not quality that convinces people

A key element of the battle between truth and propaganda has nothing to do with technology. It has to do with how people are much more likely to accept something if it confirms their beliefs.

Algorithms can help us detect fake news

Have you ever read something online and shared it among your networks, only to find out it was false? Using machine learning and natural language processing, researchers are developing an algorithm that can distinguish between real and fake news articles.

Facebook’s new anti-fake news strategy

Facebook is like a megaphone, as such, it can be useful tool for those looking to spread misinformation. Unfortunately, the social media company has a depressingly incompetent strategy for tackling fake news.

Facebook expands fact-checking programme

Facebook with Africa Check announced that it has added new local language support for several African languages as part of its Third-Party Fact-Checking programme. This will help to assess the accuracy of news on Facebook.