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Facebook to focus on election integrity ahead of South Africa’s national elections

Ahead of South Africa’s national elections, Facebook says it is looking to reduce the spread of fake news and support civic engagement on its platform.

How Facebook is fighting fake news across Afrika

What Facebook is doing to reduce the spread of misinformation, protect election integrity and support civic engagement across the continent.

WhatsApp's new message forwarding limit raises concerns

WhatsApp's recent announcement on message forwarding limit raises some concerns.

Parallels between social media misinformation campaigns in the USA and South Africa

Race and fear – the parallels between the USA experience and the South African experience are striking as far as disinformation (fake news) campaigns are concerned.

Analysis of 3 million tweets by Russian "trolls"

3 million Russian ‘troll’ tweets explored: lessons from the rest of the world.

Abdul Khalik Farouk charged for publishing "fake news" in Egypt

Egypt's authorities have arrested Abdul Khalik Farouk for criticizing the government's handling of the economy and charged him with publishing fake news.

Egypt's ridiculous licensing law for online media

In Egypt, Internet media outlets must apply for licenses or face being banned and blocked.