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Afrikan startup funding reports have an iceberg problem

Afrikan tech startup funding reports present an unbalanced view of startups and the sectors they operate in.

Malawi is about to force businesses to accept digital payments

Malawi wants to force companies to offer customers at least one digital payment channel as an option to use for payments.

How FinTech is changing Afrika's banking sector

How the rules of the game are changing in Afrika’s banking sector, thanks to FinTech.

FinTech is becoming synonymous with credit in Afrika

There is an emerging pattern of most FinTech startups eventually offering credit as part of their services.

Moving from financial inclusion towards financial empowerment

A step up from pure play loans by FinTech startups is investing in the goals, aspirations and dreams of customers.

Mines' Adia Sowho speaks about financial inclusion, their loan book's performance and more

Financial inclusion is undoubtedly one of the trending topics when it comes to FinTech in Afrika. A day barely goes by without a startup or a big corporate talking about "how we are increasing financial inclusion." Few, however, seem to have a clear definition of what financial inclusion

Accelerating FinTech innovation in Egypt

Egypt's American University Venture Lab, which is based in Cairo, has announced a collaboration with Temenos, the banking software company, which will see them both looking to work towards strengthening and accelerating Cairo's FinTech startups ecosystem. As part of the collaboration, Temenos will provide startups with access to their core