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COVID-19 pandemic impact on women

For women fortunate enough to have jobs, days are often filled with technology, ensuring the continuation of children’s education or logistical changes, occupying children whilst in meetings or presenting, doing general household chores, and working late to catch up on work.

Why the budget speech is important to you as a South African consumer

It has never been more important for South African consumers to pay special attention to the 2021 National Budget Speech, as key decisions made by the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, will impact on their growth and survival.

What you should know about data science as a career

It’s almost certain that the day will come - at which point the supply of qualified, well-rounded, business-minded data scientists is unlikely to be able to keep up with global demand.

Everything you need to know about the Experian Data Breach

In this episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast, we take you through everything you need to know about the Experian Data Breach. What their CEO, Ferdie Pieterse has shockingly said, what the banks are saying, and a social engineering incident that led to a 77-year-old woman losing over R100,000.

One of South Africa's top 5 largest banks, FNB, has launched a Virtual Card product

FNB South Africa has launched a Virtual Card product for individual and business customers. It will be available to customers through the bank's apps from October 2020.

South African banks blame 4IR for planned retrenchments

As a result of the major South African banks announcing that thousands of their staff will lose jobs as a result of "4IR", SASBO (banking sector labor union) has announced protests scheduled for 27 September 2019.

Tech companies funding sport in Africa

A list of some of the companies that are involved in funding sports across Africa. This includes some notable technology brands.