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A partnership to unlock South Africa's township economy

One of South Africa's largest banks has partnered with a FinTech startup to help solve financial inclusion in townships.

Importance of data science governance

A lack of data science governance can derail any efforts and investments around Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation as they primarily dependent on mature data strategies.

The post 4th Industrial Revolution economy

The world around us is changing rapidly and almost every single business model is impacted by the new digital economy. The meteoric rise of the Big Tech firms has established them as the dominant new business models in the post 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) economy. Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft,

You can make payments in South Africa with your Fitbit or GARMIN wearable

One of South Africa's top 5 largest banks, First National Bank of South Africa (FNB), has announced that customers can now make payments by simply tapping their compatible Fitbit or Garmin Wearable on any contactless-enabled point-of-sale device. This will be as a result of the customer having their VISA card

South Africa's best digital bank for 2018

The 7th Annual SITEisfaction report has awarded FNB South Africa the "Best Digital Bank" in South Africa award for 2018. FNB was also announced the winner of the Best Mobile Banking and Best Internet Banking categories as well. The awards organizers also noted that FNB’s rise in

3 ways South African companies use data analytics

Analyzing data and providing actionable insights from it has become a common phenomenon. Data and analytics, once buzzwords, are now part of mainstream business jargon. The new conundrum with data is knowing what questions to ask to drive business. Without this, analyzing data becomes a near impossible exercise. It is

Opening a new bank account as easy as taking a selfie

In South Africa, you can now open a bank account within 5 minutes using your selfie. This is thanks to First National Bank new biometric feature which allows small and medium businesses (SMEs) to switch or open a new bank account in less than 5 minutes through selfie authentication and