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Technology alone wont solve the food security problem

Technology alone won’t secure our food supplies.

Why some people love coffee and others tea

How did you start today – tea or coffee? Or neither? A study of more than 400,000 men and women links specific genes for tasting bitter flavours like caffeine with hot beverage consumption.

Would you eat meat made in a lab?

It’s been a busy summer for food-based biotech. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration made headlines when it approved the plant-based “Impossible Burger,” which relies on an ingredient from genetically modified yeast for its meaty taste. The European Union sparked controversy by extending heavy restrictions on genetically modified

Innovative urban agriculture could increase food security

Using science, technology and innovation (STI) could help promote the use of urban agriculture to sustain food and nutrition security in Afrikan cities, experts say. The experts who specialise in agriculture, geography and urban planning say that urban agriculture has been neglected in urban planning and development agenda. Agricultural activities

New instant restaurant booking platform launched in South Africa

A new instant restaurant booking platform and app, Dineplan, has been launched for the South Agrican market. The team behind Dineplan have said that one of the key differentiators is that it allows users to make, and get confirmation for, restaurant bookings on the go. The Dineplan app was developed

Uber Eats is set to launch in Egypt later in 2018

Uber has announced that it will be launching its food delivery service, Uber Eats, in Egypt sometime in 2018. The service, already available in over 200 cities around the world including some in Afrika, will first be launched in Cairo. The announcement was part of Uber's continued investment in the