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Sudan's Facebook traders

Women in Sudan have been resisting the controls placed on them for some time - by using their smart phones and social media to trade.

Android's effect on the mobile industry

With their purchase of Android in 2005, Google has changed the world of smartphones.

Challenges remain for mobile technology in healthcare

Use of mobile technologies in healthcare is increasing in Africa, but insufficient engineering capacity and absence of policy are key challenges.

Backpackers worried about using mobile devices in Ghana

Backpacking is growing and West African countries such as Ghana need to actively attract them. However, backpackers in Ghana are worried about using their mobile devices.

Data collected from mobile phones can help electricity planning

In sub-Saharan Africa there are more people with mobile phones than access to electricity, and their data could be useful.

Mara Group announces availability of South African manufactured smartphones

South African manufactured smartphones, by Mara Group, are now available for purchase.

Rwanda is set to have its own smartphone factory later in 2019

New smartphone factory to be opened in Rwanda during 2019.