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Artists not benefiting from digital music

The political economy of music distribution goes unchecked. Despite increased digital revenues, also across Africa, music markets remain characterised by bottlenecks between musicians and audiences.

Discarded electronics are polluting Ghana’s food chain

High levels of dangerous chemicals from discarded electronics in Ghana identified.

App helps farmers in Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda

A smartphone app, GeoFarmer, has been pilot-tested in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda to help farmers with data collection and sharing.

Ghana to make use of drones for medical deliveries

Ghana is the latest African country to make use of Zipline drones for medical deliveries.

Public libraries in Ghana get Wi-Fi

Public libraries in Ghana are set to get Wi-Fi as a result of a partnership between Surfline and Ghana Library Authority.

Backpackers worried about using mobile devices in Ghana

Backpacking is growing and West African countries such as Ghana need to actively attract them. However, backpackers in Ghana are worried about using their mobile devices.

Google officially opened its first Artificial Intelligence research center in Africa

Google AI Accra research center is now open for business.