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Digital technologies are transforming African businesses

Digital technology has created new opportunities for businesses in Africa to compete on a more equal footing. However, these businesses have yet to enjoy the full benefits.

Massive e-waste dump in Ghana can be harnessed for good

Agbogbloshie in Ghana is a vast urban area that houses a massive e-waste recycling dump. Today, many work at the “digital dumping ground”, sorting through technological products like washing machines, cookers, vehicles, cell phones and computers.

West African states science and technology plan is going nowhere

Rolling out comprehensive universal education to secondary level across all vocational training centres in West Africa could ignite and promote innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Standard Chartered expands digital banking

Standard Chartered has expanded its digital banking offering to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This follows on the bank launching its digital-only banks in Côte d'Ivoire, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya.

Fighting illegal mining with drones

Illegal mining is reported to be a serious problem in Ghana that poses negative effects on the environment. Thanks to the use of satellite imagery and data collection, Ghana is able to curb illegal mining.

African startups invited to apply

Ingressive Capital, an Africa-focused seed-stage venture capital firm are joining Student Entrepreneurship Week Pan-Africa to find the brightest African startups for up to $100,000 funding. The event takes place from 22-24 July 2019 in Accra, Ghana.

Artists not benefiting from digital music

The political economy of music distribution goes unchecked. Despite increased digital revenues, also across Africa, music markets remain characterised by bottlenecks between musicians and audiences.