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Google's third Launchpad Accelerator

12 startups from 6 different countries graduated from class 3 of Google's Launchpad Accelerator for Africa. The Launchpad Accelerator is part of a programme run by Google as part of its ongoing efforts to support entrepreneurship in Africa.

New cable connects Africa to Europe

A new subsea cable is set to connect Africa and Europe. Named Equiano, the cable is privately funded by Google and it will run from Portugal along the West Coast of Africa ending up in South Africa.

Russia to fine Internet companies

As part of a new law that is being drafted in Russia, Big Tech companies along with other online services from around the world will be fined for not complying with laws including one of hosting their servers and Russian users data, locally, in Russia.

Big Tech's spying a threat to democracy

Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, compete over who can gather the most intelligence on their users. Countries like Russia and China turn this information against their citizens. The online surveillance of citizens is a potential threat to democracy.

Google's PageRank patent has expired

Originally approved as a patent on 9 January 1998 and invented by Lawrence "Larry" Page, Google's original PageRank algorithm patent has officially expired on 2 June 2019. However, Google has a newer PageRank patent already approved in 2015.

More companies cut ties with Huawei

Here are all the companies that have so far cut business ties with Huawei following an executive order signed by Donald Trump.

Huawei customers get 90-day grace

Huawei smartphone users have a 90-day grace period under which they will still receive Android updates and be able to use Google's apps.