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South Africa will be tracking social media fake news ahead of the 2019 elections

Google is set tho help South Africa track down social media predators ahead of the 2019 elections.

Big Tech firms aren’t honest with us about all the data they collect

If you're worried your phone is recording your private conversations, look closer at the data you've already agreed to give away.

Big Tech has never deserved our trust

Scholars and skeptics warned about Facebook long before its founder was even born. Technology companies keep asking for more and more data and proving they can't be trusted.

Why thousands of Google's employees walked out worldwide

The walkout by thousands of Google employees around the world was historic, both because of who was protesting and what their demands were. It may even mark the start of something new.

Motorbike Mode for Google Maps now available in Kenya

Google introduced Motorbike Mode on Maps in Kenya.

Google didn't disclose data breach, shuts down Google+

Google executives tried to hide the Google+ security breach, have now decided to shut down the consumer version of Google+.

Windows warns users to use Edge when they try to install Firefox or Chrome

Microsoft is doing its worst to try and force Windows 10 users to install and use the Edge web browser.