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Defending against cyberattacks

Despite the uncertainties – and dangers – of retaliating against suspected cyberattackers, a surprising number of companies and countries are exploring doing just that.

Nigeria's National Assembly website was defaced

Towards the end of 2018, for several days, the website of Nigeria's National Assembly was defaced by a hacker named Mr. OneJack.

Attempted hack on Dell

Dell has announced that it managed to thwart an attempted hack on its customer portal and that no customer data was taken.

Gabon's government websites were attacked by Anonymous

Hacktivism group, Anonymous, has taken responsibility for the defacement and DDoS attack on about 70 Gabon government related websites.

The downside of using a single account to log in to other services

There is always a tension between usability and security. People want systems to be secure so that their identities aren’t stolen, but they want those same systems to be easily accessible.

How to check if your Facebook account was part of the recent hack

This is how you can check and verify whether or not your Facebook account was hacked.

Facebook confirms it was hacked, attackers controlled 30 million accounts

Facebook confirms hack, user data including location and searches accessed by hackers.