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This website names and shames websites that don't use HTTPS

A new service built by Troy Hunt, information security consultant and founder of haveibeenpwned, with data from Scott Helme, also an information security consultant, lists popular websites from across the world (by country) that load over an insecure connection without redirecting to a secure, encrypted connection. Aptly named "Why

4 things about the ViewFines website that shocked us

On 24 May 2018 we revealed and reported on how ViewFines, an online traffic fines payments website for South Africans, was the source of the leak of 934,000 personal records of South Africans. This came after its owner, Stephen Birkholtz, admitted to iAfrikan that they did indeed briefly "

Just under 1 million personal records of South Africans leaked online

Barely a year after South Africa's largest data leak was revealed in 2017, the country has suffered yet another data leak as 934,000 personal records of South Africans have been leaked publicly online. The data includes, among others, national identity numbers (ID numbers), e-mail addresses, full names, as well

South Africa's Information Regulator under pressure to act on the country's largest ever data leak

South Africa's Information Regulator, the office tasked with handling all matters relating to data collection and privacy as per the country's Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), is under pressure to take action with regards to South Africa's largest ever personal data leak. This comes after the Right2Know Campaign (R2K)

Over 80 million e-mail addresses and passwords leaked including from South Africa and Nigeria

Over 80 million e-mails linked to online accounts and passwords, have been leaked on the Internet. The leaked data comes from a collection of 2,844 files compressed into a 8GB file and posted on a "well-known hacking forum" as Troy Hunt, Security Researcher and Founder of haveibeenpwned,

What we know so far about South Africa's largest ever data breach

South Africa has suffered its largest data breach as millions of personal records of anyone, dead or alive, with a South African ID number (13 digit identity number) have been leaked on the Internet. This was first revealed by security consultant and researcher, Troy Hunt, on 17 October 2017. Hunt