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Many lives could be saved through the use of data science

Low-income regions are grappling with deaths from preventable causes including childbirth. A new project hopes to use data science to help identify those in need of interventions at the community level.

Fake news poses a threat to human health

Effects of fake news on the health industry trends could be countered by better communications training for researchers and health professionals, especially in poorer countries.

Genetic engineering and human-animal hybrids

It seems likely that more and more gene editing and other controversial practices will take place in a variety of regulated and unregulated circumstances. It may be the case that little progress is made until the types of problems outlined above become all too real.

Menstruation apps are sending data to Facebook

It has been revealed that some menstruation apps are sending women's personal data such as when last they had sex to Facebook and other 3rd-party services. This is being done without user knowledge and consent.

Artificial Intelligence in medicine raises legal and ethical concerns

Artificial intelligence could theoretically predict a patient’s opioid use. To ensure that AI truly promotes patient welfare, physicians, researchers and policymakers must recognize its risks and proceed with caution.

Madagascar is using drones for medical deliveries

A pilot project in Madagascar uses drones to help with the fight against tuberculosis. The drones are used to collect samples and deliver medical supplies to remote villages.

Dimakatso Gumede the Stem Cell reprogramming expert

Dimakatso Gumede is one of a handful of South Africans who can reprogram Stem Cells. She aims to use her skills to find new approaches to eliminate HIV reservoirs in infected persons, among other things.