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Donald Trump lifts Huawei ban

US President Donald Trump has said that Huawei can now resume trading with American companies. Trump announced this during a news conference at the Group of 20 meeting in Japan.

Africa's growing smartphone market

According to a new report released about the smartphone market in Africa and the Middle East, over 70% of the total smartphones sold in the region during the first quarter of 2019 were in the sub-$150 price segment.

Facebook cuts off Huawei

Just when we thought things were getting better on the Huawei vs USA battle after the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance eased their relations with the company, Facebook has said it won't let any of its apps to be pre-installed on Huawei phones.

Huawei's membership restored

Huawei Technologies' membership to both the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance has been restored. Both organizations say they have modified the company's membership in compliance with Donald Trump's executive order.

Huawei not banned from using Wi-Fi

Despite some reports, the Wi-Fi Alliance restricting Huawei's membership doesn't mean it cannot use Wi-Fi in its current or future phones.

Huawei can't use microSD cards and slots

Huawei has suffered another (not really big) blow as they are banned from having microSD slots and using microSD cards in future smartphones.

This is why Huawei is being banned

Intelligence officials in many countries are concerned Huawei could be helping the Chinese government spy on companies, military units and government agencies.