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This is why Huawei is being banned

Intelligence officials in many countries are concerned Huawei could be helping the Chinese government spy on companies, military units and government agencies.

Microsoft suspends business with Huawei

Microsoft staff have apparently left Huawei's Shenzen head office after the Seattle headquartered company suspended business dealings with the Chinese technology company.

More companies cut ties with Huawei

Here are all the companies that have so far cut business ties with Huawei following an executive order signed by Donald Trump.

Huawei customers get 90-day grace

Huawei smartphone users have a 90-day grace period under which they will still receive Android updates and be able to use Google's apps.

International trade gang violence

Part of the reason why Huawei is blacklisted by the USA is that if Huawei builds the bulk of the world's 5G networks, it will have access to too much data which it could share with the Chinese government.

Huawei ban to affect other countries

Donald Trump's new executive order reflects a fear of sabotage, where an enemy such as China or Russia could turn off critical infrastructure like the internet or communications capability.

Google suspends business with Huawei

Google has cut business ties with Huawei following the Chinese company being blacklisted by US President Donald Trump last week.