Information Security

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How to protect yourself from data breaches

Think defensively about your online accounts and data security – and don't assume you'll avoid harm.

Big Tech firms aren’t honest with us about all the data they collect

If you're worried your phone is recording your private conversations, look closer at the data you've already agreed to give away.

WhatsApp bug reveals your messages to other users

WhatsApp bug allows other people to read all of your old messages.

Attempted hack on Dell

Dell has announced that it managed to thwart an attempted hack on its customer portal and that no customer data was taken.

Analysis of 3 million tweets by Russian "trolls"

3 million Russian ‘troll’ tweets explored: lessons from the rest of the world.

Importance of data science governance

A lack of data science governance can derail any efforts and investments around Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation as they primarily dependent on mature data strategies.

Gabon's government websites were attacked by Anonymous

Hacktivism group, Anonymous, has taken responsibility for the defacement and DDoS attack on about 70 Gabon government related websites.