Information Security

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More people are working from home, producing more technological vulnerabilities

With so many people working from home on vulnerable networks and set-ups, cybersecurity is a growing concern. Attackers have real opportunities to take advantage of the changes in our habits as we transition to working remotely.

The death of privacy

Our lives are highly dependent on the Internet. Even with regulations and best practices, the concept of privacy is way much different from what it used to be. It is a new world.

A possible loss for freedom of speech in Kenya

The 26 sections of Kenya's Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act 2018 that were contested by the Bloggers Association of Kenya were declared constitutional by the country's High Court, likely dealing a big blow to freedom of expression in the East African country.

Where governments fail, online vigilantes and private security companies are policing the Internet

Online private policing activity has been largely ignored by researchers and politicians. Yet it is already creating some significant issues that need addressing.

Nedbank doesn't know which customers were affected by data breach

In a statement to iAfrikan, South Africa's Nedbank has said that it does not know which of its customers have been affected by the data breach it mentioned as affecting 1,7 million of its customers. The data breach is reported to have taken place at one of the bank's suppliers.

Cybersecurity threats that are gaining traction in Kenya

People continue to fall victim to various mobile phone orchestrated scams. There are new trends that leave gullible Kenyans exposed in today’s online world.

Nigeria's NITDA confirms it is investigating SureBet247

Nigeria's National Information Technology Development Agency has confirmed in a communication to iAfrikan that is investigating SureBet247 for a possible security and data breach. The betting company could be in potential breach of the country's data regulation laws.