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Africa in the digital era

This year's Adebayo Adedeji Annual lecture focused around the question of digital transformation in Africa.

Engineering our way out of poverty in Nigeria

A call for partnership towards engineering journal publishing for a prosperous Nigeria.

Digital government is not working

Donor-driven e-government projects in developing countries often attempt to transplant what was successful elsewhere. But success requires buy-in from locals – both governments and citizens alike.

We don’t need Elon Musk

Our 'Tony Stark' image of tech moguls is obscuring the talent and toil of ordinary workers, and inflating the egos of the bosses.

China's loans to Afrikan countries are a debt trap

China's loans to Afrikan countries pose a threat to the USA.

Health mobile apps are coming of age

For a few months in 2016 community health workers working with children in northern Malawi had a helping hand. A smartphone app led them through a standard protocol of examinations helping to boost both the accuracy of diagnoses, as well as their confidence. They told researchers they liked the app

New tech hub set for launch in Nigeria's Katsina State

Nigeria's National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has announced that it has comissioned the building of a technology hub in Katsina State. This, according to the NITDA, forms part of a resolution to establish tech hubs across 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The tech hub will be located at the