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Fake accounts targeted African elections

An Israeli company, Archimedes Group, ran fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram to try and influence elections in some African countries.

Influencers will love Instagram’s new tool

Instagram announced a new shopping tool recently, it will first be tested with a small group of influencers.

Uganda’s social media tax is causing a ruckus

In a shocking move, Uganda's government has implemented a law requiring mobile users to pay taxes on using social media apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To voice their frustrations, Ugandans took to Twitter informing the world about the law forcing citizens to pay 200 Ugandan shillings,

Social media tax is now active in Uganda

Uganda's much-debated social media (OTT) tax has officially gone live. From 1 July 2018, Ugandans were required to pay the tax if they wanted to access services such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others. The social media tax was initially proposed in April 2018 in an announcement in which

Egypt's authorities evaluating proposed draft bill to regulate social media

A new draft law for the regulation of social media has been submitted to Egypt's parliament for review. As is mostly the case when policy makers call for regulation of social media in Afrika, the draft law cites "state security" as the main reason for a law to

Using social media to change the narrative about Afrika

Social media platforms are providing Africans with an opportunity to counter negative stereotypes by giving them representational agency. More and more Africans use the internet. By the end of 2000 the continent had a total of 4,514,400 users. Seventeen years later it had increased to 453,329,534,

Social media for startups

The general idea behind social media for startups is to enable direct contact and participation via conversations, discussions or chats - whatever you call it - with your customers, prospects, influencers and more. Engaging in social media can solidify relationships and establish a more direct connection with your brand. Few