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Mali's Internet shutdown on the eve of elections

On the eve of the presidential run-off elections on 11 August 2018, authorities in Mali went ahead to restrict Internet access in the country. The Internet shutdown has been confirmed by on the ground reports from people in Bamako and Gao Internet users living in Bamako or Gao. Mali is

Uganda tightens grip, orders ISPs to block pornography

It appears that Ugandan authorities are tightening their grip on how the Internet is accessed and used in the east Afrikan country. This is because the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has instructed telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)to block local and international pornography websites. Godfrey Mutabazi, Executive Director

Global trust in Internet media is changing

Digital technology was dreamed of as the ultimate connector and leveler, the ideal destroyer of borders and boundaries. The digital community that assembled itself around this summer’s FIFA World Cup shows one example of a true global village, in which people share the same obsessions on the digital planet.

Algeria shuts down the Internet

Algeria experienced a complete Internet shutdown on Wednesday, 22 June 2018, for a period of 2 hours. This came as a result of the North Afrikan country's government ordering telecommunications companies to cut-off Internet access to ensure high school exams run smoothly, without cheating. The 2 hour period which saw

Tanzania's Jamii Forums shut down by government

Popular Tanzanian forums and "leaks" website, Jamii Forums, has been temporarily shut down by government as it has not complied with the new regulations and license fees required of online content creators in Tanzania. This comes after Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) issued a notice to Jamii Forums

Facebook to help Malawi's government combat "social media abuse"

Facebook will be working together with Malawi's government to look at ways to improve the country's ICT infrastructure. More interesting though, is that Facebook will also be looking to assist the government of Malawi in addressing "social media abuse." This comes as a result of meeting earlier in

Kenyans need a license to post videos online

A new law is set to come into effect from 28 May 2018 in Kenya regarding the publishing and broadcasting of any videos for public consumption. Specifically, the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) states that, according to the law, anyone in Kenya broadcasting any videos for public viewing (including