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The problem with mobile Internet in Kenya

The mobile Internet needs to be available just like electricity and water. In most places around the world, one can have the two in unlimited amounts, and at an affordable cost.

Kenya should embrace automation

The World Bank has reported that Kenyans earn more than twice the country's output. Part of the problem is the use of manual labor in fields that can easily be mechanized or automated.

Lessons learned while building a tech startup

Some lessons learned through the journey of building a technology startup in Kenya, and other parts of Africa. Hopefully you will relate with some of these lessons in your business, or even in life.

African countries prepare for the coronavirus

Egypt has started screening all air passengers arriving from countries where the infection has occurred, while Kenya, which receives at least three flights a day from China, issued a directive to start screening at all ports of entry on 22 January 2020. Nigeria followed suit the same day.

How the Government of Kenya is developing technology talent

One of the more successful projects and initiatives by the Government of Kenya is Digitalent. To date (since 2015), the program aims to train 400 young Kenyans every year in the fields of ICT and engineering.

Cybersecurity threats that are gaining traction in Kenya

People continue to fall victim to various mobile phone orchestrated scams. There are new trends that leave gullible Kenyans exposed in today’s online world.

How Kenya's young people can venture into agriculture

Small scale farming accounts for 70% of all agriculture in Kenya. The number of young people who have sworn not to touch anything related to agriculture after the first attempt keeps also increasing. From analysis, the problem is mostly business-related, and therein lies the solution.