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Safaricom and Vodacom to buy M-PESA

South Africa's Vodacom and Kenya's Safaricom have made a joint bid to buy M-PESA from the UK's Vodafone for $13 million.

The future of technology hubs in Africa

The future belongs to those tech hubs in Africa who’ll step out of the building to tackle inequality, diversity and fundamental social challenges.

Kenya to get national e-sports league

A new e-sports league is set to be inaugurated in Kenya during July 2019.

Kenya's digital economy blueprint

Kenya has released its Digital Economy Blueprint, however, whether it's policy makers talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution or the digital economy, at the end of it all it hinges on implementation.

Kenya allegedly going to sell citizen data

Concerns around Kenya's government selling citizen data to the highest bidder have surfaced.

Uber releases speed dataset for Nairobi

Among the 5 cities worldwide for which Uber Movement Speeds historical data has been made available is Nairobi.

Kenya's Huduma Namba mess

Why would a government need a new number (Huduma Namba) when there is already an existing unique identifier in Kenya?