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Digital TV and the growth of local Kenyan talent

Opening of new TV stations that use local languages has given some very talented people a platform where they can perform and shine in a language they are most comfortable in, as opposed to when they had to package their content in a second or third language and try fit into the existing programs.

How COVID-19 could affect the way we do business in the long term

We are likely to see more meetings and conferences being done online, eLearning becoming more popular, and businesses like Zoom are already having their best performance ever.

Many government websites are rarely updated

Demand for information usually informs how it is supplied, especially from governments. While there are many documents and policy papers that various government offices are supposed to supply periodically, most of them are usually not posted online.

What Kenya’s census data tells us about the country's ICT infrastructure and usage

A lot still needs to be done to get more people online in Kenya. The rural areas are the ones that have a very limited connection, hence a need to focus on them.

A possible loss for freedom of speech in Kenya

The 26 sections of Kenya's Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act 2018 that were contested by the Bloggers Association of Kenya were declared constitutional by the country's High Court, likely dealing a big blow to freedom of expression in the East African country.

The culture of corruption in the digital age

As a designer or entrepreneur, one has to think of how culture will affect the products they offer and find ways to mitigate the negative effects and shield themselves from abuse.

The problem with mobile Internet in Kenya

The mobile Internet needs to be available just like electricity and water. In most places around the world, one can have the two in unlimited amounts, and at an affordable cost.