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Safaricom is alleged to have sold customers data

In his handwritten statement to Kenya’s Police, Charles Kimani, an ex-Safaricom employee, makes some allegations that Safaricom sells customers data to various service providers.

Who will save Kenyans from predatory digital lending apps?

With the advent of mobile phones and increased Internet penetration, the borrowing of money has been shifting from traditional channels to electronic channels. This has come with its problems.

Death by doing business with the government

There are many ways for a business to die. In Kenya, the surest way for a business to die is to do business with the government.

Online web browsing logs of over 1 million people across Africa leaked

Over a million Internet users across Africa have had their web browsing habits exposed online. This is because a South African company, Conor, which counts many ISPs and telcos as clients, left a database with user web browsing logs publicly available online.

How Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda are fighting cybercrime

Cyber insecurity is a threat to Africa’s digital economy. Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda have criminalised cybercrime and established frameworks to manage cyber attacks.

The problem of software piracy in Kenya

Why do Kenyans love pirated software as opposed to genuine software which guarantees more security and support? Pirated software is cheap, easily accessible, and it is socially acceptable to use stolen software.

What you need to know about Kenya's new digital tax

It’s not clear yet who will be affected – or how Kenya's new digital tax will be imposed. However, it appears that potential targets include online taxi-hailing platforms.