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A new South African digital service allows you to create a legal and valid Will online

MyWill, a new service on the MyLegal online law platform by De Wet du Plessis Attorneys, believes it can help South Africans to make the process of creating a Will simpler and convenient.

What South Africa's law says about the termination of employment during the COVID-19 pandemic

South African law permits employers to dismiss employees for operational requirements, such as economic needs of the employer. Like all dismissals, COVID-19 related retrenchments must be both procedurally and substantively fair.

Fighting COVID-19 fake news should not come at the expense of freedom of expression

False information about COVID-19 is a big threat to containing the pandemic but governments must not use "fake news" as an excuse to limit freedom of expression.

Mobile phone location data can assist in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic

Mobile phone location data can show who coronavirus patients interacted with, which can help isolate infected people before they feel ill. But how digital contact tracing is implemented matters.

How emojis can be used as evidence in court

Forensic linguists are called as expert witnesses in court cases to provide linguistic analysis of legal documents and other forms of oral and documentary evidence -- including emojis.

New rules could force Facebook and Google to pay news organizations

As news media revenues tumble still further amid the COVID-19 recession, the government has pledged mandatory rules to force tech giants to pay for using news content.

South Africa's mobile phone tracking during COVID-19 pandemic

About a week after the initial tracking and tracing regulations in South Africa were signed into law, more clarity was provided as more details were added to the regulations. Specifically, there was more details to explain how the whole process will be conducted.