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Kenya's personal data conundrum

Kenya's government wants to enrich its citizen database with biometric, GIS, and DNA data among others.

South Africa to amend outdated copyright law

South Africa's copyright law must not continue ignoring the principles of fair use.

Why thousands of Google's employees walked out worldwide

The walkout by thousands of Google employees around the world was historic, both because of who was protesting and what their demands were. It may even mark the start of something new.

Reporting forced evictions in Kenya

Some people in Kenya who are facing forced evictions are using an app to help provide evidence and demand actions.

The fight against corruption in Kenya shouldn't be a technology agenda

It is curious that Kenyans are now pushing quite heavily for the use of technology in the fight against corruption.

Artificial Intelligence could be granted legal rights like a person

A legal loophole could grant computer systems many legal rights people have – threatening human rights and dignity and setting up some real legal and moral problems.

Traffic laws need to be amended before cannabis can be fully legal in South Africa

Despite the Constitutional Court decriminalizing the private use and cultivation of cannabis in South Africa, more regulations need to be put in place before it is fully legal.