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Website privacy options are hard to find and use

Many websites offer the ability to 'opt out" of targeted advertisements, but doing so isn't easy. Simplifying and standardizing opt-outs would help improve privacy on the web.

Analysis of the historic privacy and surveillance judgement in South Africa

The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act (“RICA”), which the South African state had used to spy on journalists and possibly their lawyers and to conduct mass surveillance of its citizens, was suspended by the High Court of South Africa.

Labour laws aren’t ready for the future

Without an update to the rules, more workers will continue to fall outside traditional worker protections – and may even be unaware how vulnerable they really are.

Kenya's personal data conundrum

Kenya's government wants to enrich its citizen database with biometric, GIS, and DNA data among others.

South Africa to amend outdated copyright law

South Africa's copyright law must not continue ignoring the principles of fair use.

Why thousands of Google's employees walked out worldwide

The walkout by thousands of Google employees around the world was historic, both because of who was protesting and what their demands were. It may even mark the start of something new.

Reporting forced evictions in Kenya

Some people in Kenya who are facing forced evictions are using an app to help provide evidence and demand actions.