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AI-powered drone deployed in Libya has possibly killed people without any human interference

What has happened in Libya, as reported by the UN, is a new development given the fact that the drone did not have any human operating it when it executed the attack, it relied on AI to identify and strike its targets.

What are Africa's most valuable currencies?

Although listed in this article are the most valuable currencies in Africa right now, things can always change at the drop of a hat. Forex markets are fickle things.

Libyan hacker stole data of Facebook users

Libyan hacker used Facebook to access tens of thousands of users’ data. The hacker managed to do this by tricking users into clicking and installing malware on their phones and computers.

5 Afrikan countries to benefit from 25 year deal by Arab Esport Federation

Five Afrikan countries are set to benefit from a recently signed agreement between the Arab Esport Federation (AEF) and Global Esport Resources (GER). The agreement, which will be exclusive for 25 years, will see GER, a global Esport strategy, planning and execution company, own, develop and operate on behalf of

Cyber espionage malware discovered in network routers

Information security researchers have thus far discovered over 100 victims of the Slingshot cyber espionage software in and its related modules, located in Kenya, Libya, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania and more countries in the Middle East. The discovery was made by Kaspersky Lab researchers during March 2018. Slingshot was apparently