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The Trojan horse in your pocket

Although a great creation, the smartphone has also brought has brought about challenges like information overload, privacy concerns, the problem of being always connected and lack of separation of work and rest.

Apple has brought back the iPod Touch

After 4 years of absence, Apple has re-launched the iPod Touch. The only changes are an improved processor and it runs iOS 12.

Rise of sex robots and virtual reality

Developments in technologies like robotics and virtual reality are opening new possibilities for sexual experiences.

HIV spreading faster than Internet access

The Internet now grabs the headlines in Africa, but the truth is HIV is spreading even faster.

Cryptocurrencies scams explained

Cryptocurrency fraudsters have swindled their victims out of hundreds of millions – even billions – of dollars. What do they do to earn people's trust and then take their money?

Technology that will shape Africa's future

Currently, Africans are mostly consumers of technology rather than producers. Which begs the question: can we truly control our digital future?

Morocco remains popular choice among foodie travellers

Morocco is ranked among the four fastest-growing travel destinations among tourists from the USA.