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Facial analysis AI can reinforce existing inequalities

Artificial Intelligence and facial analysis software is becoming commonplace in job interviews. We need to be careful because AI can reinforce existing biases in society.

The difference between Artificial Intelligence and automation

Artificial Intelligence is often confused with automation, yet they are fundamentally different.

The new digital divide

Technology experts have long worried about a 'digital divide' between those who could use computers and those who could not. Artificial intelligence algorithms are widening the gulf.

Machine learning can help fight illegal wildlife trade on social media

This is how machine learning can help fight illegal wildlife trading on social media.

Artificial Intelligence could threaten democracy

Even governments in democracies with strong traditions of rule of law find themselves tempted to abuse these new abilities.

How accurate is the data regarding Afrikan technology investments?

Accessing and collecting data is both difficult, time-consuming and expensive. However, that is no excuse for inaccurate investment reports.

Adapting education for the digital age

E-learning can serve as equaliser and boost diversity.