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Malawi is about to force businesses to accept digital payments

Malawi wants to force companies to offer customers at least one digital payment channel as an option to use for payments.

Boosting pediatric hematology-oncology specialists

The East African Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Fellowship Training Program at Makerere University College of Health Sciences has graduated its first class of graduates building on the critical mass of pediatric hematology-oncology specialists to independently provide effective, evidence-based pediatric cancer and hematology care in the Afrikan setting. The four physicians

This vaccine has cut infant diarrhea deaths by a third in Malawi

Rotavirus vaccination reduced infant diarrhea deaths by 34% in rural Malawi, a region with high levels of child deaths. Rotavirus is the most common cause of diarrhoeal disease among infants and young children. Despite improvements in sanitation and case management, rotavirus still caused 215,000 child deaths in 2013, with

Malawi's Stanford Muyila wins young scientist award in Japan

Malawi's Stanford Muyila has been awarded the Young Scientist Award in Japan during the Japan-China-Korea Grassland Conference. Muyila is currently studying towards a Masters degree at the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Japan. As part of his award, Muyila received a scholarship to pursue further studies in

Fighting malaria using drones in Malawi

The drone makes a conspicuous racket as it lifts off on a mission to capture images of the reservoir below. The sight and sound of this strange device stirs interest among locals as they make their way to and from the town of Kasungu in central Malawi. It takes a

Malawi's Minister of Information and Communications Technology can't explain 4G

It's fair to assume that when someone holds the title of "Minister of Information and Communications Technology" that they should at minimum be able to explain to their fellow parliamentarians ICT concepts, even if it is just at a high level. This doesn't seem to be the case

Facebook to help Malawi's government combat "social media abuse"

Facebook will be working together with Malawi's government to look at ways to improve the country's ICT infrastructure. More interesting though, is that Facebook will also be looking to assist the government of Malawi in addressing "social media abuse." This comes as a result of meeting earlier in