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Facebook is becoming a country

Facebook’s entrance into the financial industry, by launching its new digital currency (Libra), is a threat to democracies and their citizens around the world. The threat is on the same scale as disinformation and information warfare.

Facebook's Libra currency set for 2020

After several weeks of rumors, Facebook has officially announced that its much-anticipated cryptocurrency, Libra, will be launched in 2020. Libra already has the backing of 27 organizations so far who are said to each be investing $10 million.

Millions of Instagram user passwords were stored in plaintext

Millions of Instagram user passwords were stored in plain text, Facebook admits.

Facebook admits it accidentally uploaded 1,5 million users’ e-mail contacts

Another privacy related saga as Facebook admits to accidentally uploading the e-mail contacts of 1,5 million users without their consent.

Facebook’s privacy pivot

CEO Mark Zuckerberg's claimed intent to focus on privacy will be hard to execute, will not happen soon and does not address major concerns about the company's role in society.

How social media platforms can clean up their acts

Without much delay, Facebook and Twitter could make significant changes to limit political manipulation and propaganda. Will they? And will users ask it of the social media giants?

How to check if your Facebook account was part of the recent hack

This is how you can check and verify whether or not your Facebook account was hacked.