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Facebook explains how it's enforcing community rules

Facebook has revealed its Community Standards Enforcement Report for the period of October 2020 through December 2020. The report tracks Facebook's progress and commitment to making Facebook and Instagram safe and inclusive.

Why people leave Facebook

The small numbers of people who delete Facebook are not going to change Facebook’s economic model anytime soon. The future may see the company testing the limits of engagement with social media platforms.

Welcome to the People's Republic of Facebook

Despite Libra currently being on shaky ground after several partners pulled out, Facebook remains on course to become a virtual nation state given not only Libra as a currency, but the company's pursuit to develop an open standard for digital IDs.

Zuckerberg explains why Facebook classifies "Men Are Trash" as hate speech

Leaked audio excerpts from Mark Zuckerberg's Q&A session with Facebook staff shed light on how Facebook determines what is hate speech and how to deal with it, using "Men Are Trash" as an example.

Facebook’s new anti-fake news strategy

Facebook is like a megaphone, as such, it can be useful tool for those looking to spread misinformation. Unfortunately, the social media company has a depressingly incompetent strategy for tackling fake news.

Silicon Valley wants to read your mind

The mind-reading systems by Facebook and Neuralink could affect our privacy, security, identity, equality and personal safety. Do we really want all that left to companies with philosophies such as that of Facebook’s former mantra, “move fast and break things”?

Facebook is becoming a country

Facebook’s entrance into the financial industry, by launching its new digital currency (Libra), is a threat to democracies and their citizens around the world. The threat is on the same scale as disinformation and information warfare.