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Exercise caution when distributing mobile phone videos of black people being killed

The USA has a centuries-old tradition of killing black people without repercussion – and of publicly viewing the violence. Spreading those images can disrespect the dead and traumatize viewers.

The importance of science journalism during a pandemic

The COVID-19 emergency requires accurate and reliable information However, many media outlets do not have enough journalists trained in science.

How a satire story on cybercrime in Kenya was mistaken to be real

A satire story on cybercrime in Juja, Kenya was mistaken to be real news by one of the country's TV stations. This could probably be because it confirmed the bias of the broadcasters.

The role social media plays during a pandemic like COVID-19

The community networks that social platforms host go much deeper than the technology. They have enabled a shift in the way we communicate with each other – especially in a crisis.

Fighting COVID-19 fake news should not come at the expense of freedom of expression

False information about COVID-19 is a big threat to containing the pandemic but governments must not use "fake news" as an excuse to limit freedom of expression.

The search for an African "Super App" is heating up

News as a core service has the potential to seed Africa’s first super app. It is curious that not many media houses have applied themselves towards this given their traditional reach.

Twitter to remove tweets containing COVID-19 fake news

The actions by social media companies and governments to fight fake COVID-19 fake news are understandable during a pandemic. However, we need to be careful that in the long run we are not enabling censorship.