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Microsoft suspends business with Huawei

Microsoft staff have apparently left Huawei's Shenzen head office after the Seattle headquartered company suspended business dealings with the Chinese technology company.

More companies cut ties with Huawei

Here are all the companies that have so far cut business ties with Huawei following an executive order signed by Donald Trump.

Breaking the gaming console duopoly

Can this planned new gaming console break the duopoly of Sony and Microsoft?

Microsoft and Sony in gaming agreement

Sony and Microsoft are set to collaborate on new cloud-based solutions for gaming experiences and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Microsoft's Africa Development Centres

Microsoft will spend $100 million and hire 500 full time engineers for its newly announced Africa Development Centres in Lagos and Nairobi.

Availability of Microsoft Azure expanded across Africa

Liquid Telecom has announced availability of Microsoft Azure across its pan-African network further increasing access to its cloud services.

Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder and conservationist, passes away at 65

Paul G. Allen, Microsoft co-founder and conservationist, has passed away at the age of 65.