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The push towards cyber peace

Many countries and hundreds of firms and nonprofits are fed up with all this digital violence, and are working toward greater cybersecurity. Working together, we may just be able to achieve cyber peace through a mix of shaming, outcasting and inspiring users, firms and policymakers to act.

Biased algorithms

A while back we looked into why a Google image search for "unprofessional hair" gave distinctively different results to a search for "professional hair". Despite others, who looked into the same exercise, putting the blame solely on Google's search algorithm for being "racist", a

Strava is possibly revealing the locations of secret military bases in Afrika

In an effort to make their activity data more publicly available, Strava has updated their global activity map with data from the activities of people who are users of the "social network for athletes." However, in the process of updating the Strava Labs Global Heatmap with more data,