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Possible future of fashion events as inspired by the DRC's Anifa Mvuemba

With lockdowns imposed globally as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion industry has been unable to organize events to showcase the latest fashion. Aifa Mvuemba from the DRC could have the solution.

Apple, Tesla, Alphabet, Dell, and Microsoft sued for benefitting from child mining

Several families in the Democratic Republic of Congo have filed a lawsuit in the USA against Big Tech companies for benefitting from cobalt child mining. Apple, Tesla, Alphabet (owners of Google), Dell, and Microsoft have been named as defendants.

Exxaro targets digital transformation of women

South African mineral resources company, Exxaro, has partnered with Ebonoko Foundation, Rebone Investment Holdings and Social Coding SA to expand the number of South African women who benefit from the digital transformation currently taking place in the world and South Africa.

Blockchain could reduce modern slavery

Blockchain technology can help break the chains of modern slavery, however, it is not a complete solution.

Thanks to cobalt, electric cars and smartphones are sparking a new form of goldย rush

Whatโ€™s in your stuff? Most of us give no thought to the materials that make modern life possible. Yet technologies such as smart phones, electric vehicles, large screen TVs and green energy generation depend on a range of chemical elements that most people have never heard of. Until the

Improving safety in South Africa's mines using technology

South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) showcased, at the Mandela Mining Precinct in Johannesburg, some of the latest technologies that could help with keeping South Africa's mines safe. One of the technologies demonstrated, known as "Monster", is a robot platform equipped with safety inspection sensors

The Democratic Republic of Congo declared cobalt and coltan strategic mineral

The Democratic Republic of Congo has declared cobalt and coltan strategic mineral resources. This is according to the advisor to the DRC's Prime Minister, Jean Nkunza, after the country's new mining codes were signed into law by President Joseph Kabila on 9 March 2018. By declaring both cobalt and coltan